Car Importation

Car Importation is a service offered by our business that enables customers to import vehicles from other countries to their desired location. As an expert in car importation, we are well-versed in the various legal and regulatory requirements for importing cars, as well as the logistics involved in transporting them.
Our service typically begins with a consultation with our customers to understand their specific requirements, such as the type of vehicle they are looking for, their budget, and their timeline. We then work with your network of suppliers, brokers, and logistics partners to locate the desired vehicle, negotiate the purchase price, and arrange for shipping and delivery.

Local Car Consultations

Local Car Consultations is a service offered by our business that provides expert advice and guidance to local individuals who are looking to purchase or lease a car. As a consultant, we offer personalized and customized recommendations based on your clients' specific needs and preferences, as well as their budget and lifestyle.
We have extensive knowledge of the local car market, including the different makes and models available, their features and specifications, as well as the prices and financing options. We use this knowledge to help our clients make informed decisions about their car purchase, whether it's a new or used car, a luxury or economy model, or any other type of vehicle.

3M Auto Solutions Kenya are experts in sourcing and importing prestige cars at the best value. Our exceptional import service takes care of the details to give you confidence that your new car will be imported with the utmost care.